Our professionals can use Data Analysis, Data Modeling, BI and Data Management in the field of data. All our professionals have extensive experience in the utilities industry.

Our professionals can help you, among other things, gain insights from data, ensure that this information is delivered to the right person in the right format at the right time and they can create a process for a data model for information systems.

In order to be able to keep up to our clients’ expectations and requirements, ICE Utility Professionals ensures that our professionals’ development gets a lot of attention. They have knowledge of the most common utility applications and tools, such as SAP, MS Dynamics and Business Objects Information Stuard and are SQL Certified.

Employee speaks

I have been working for ICE Utility Professionals since 2010. At the time I started as a Billing Operational Specialist, I am now working as Data Analyst for a Belgian energy supplier in Brussels.


As Data Analyst, I am responsible for generating information for various purposes. For the Regulator, I prepare accountability reports and for internal use, I generate various progress reports for the Management, which focus on the accuracy, integrity and promptness of billing. My end-to-end knowledge of the processes really helps me to produce factual and reliable reports


Because it is a small growing organization, it is very dynamic and it is also rapidly developing. The challenges this brings gives me a lot of freedom and energy in the workplace.

Remko Data Analist

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