Our professionals can be deployed in very complex cases for example in front office, contract processing, messaging, data collection, sales support, invoicing and debt collection.

The seasoned ICE Specialists have end-to-end experience in the utility industry. They are the substantive expert and provide knowledge transfer within your organization, combined with administrative and control tasks.

In order to be able to keep up to our clients’ expectations and requirements, ICE Utility Professionals ensures that our Professionals’ development gets a lot of attention. They have knowledge of the most common utility applications, such as SAP and MS Dynamics.

Employee speaks

I’ve been working at ICE Utility Professionals since 2012. One of the assignments I have fulfilled is an assignment as Analyst Transaction and Position Management. Together with a number of colleagues we managed, among other things, the power and gas position in Western Europe: we monitored the accuracy and timeliness of allocation and reconciliation data, timeliness of various price curves and the timeliness and correctness of gas and power bookings. In addition, we generated a number of positive reports for stakeholders.


Two aspects gave me the most energy: firstly, I worked with large volumes at a daily basis (250 GWh and 100 MCM per campaign sourcing), and secondly, sometimes it’s a last-minute job to get the trades to the trader so that the hedges are optimal. In addition, the international environment and adrenaline: the language was English, I had colleagues from South Korea, Italy, Germany and Ukraine, and I monitored various processes through 5 screens on a daily basis. The department formed a spider in the web between Trading, Risk Management, Sales, Forecast and Asset Optimization. The atmosphere at the department was open and honest: giving feedback and receiving feedback was the most normal thing in the world and the department was led by the method of Operational Excellence.

Ivo Specialist

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