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Growing at ICE

Business & IT, Process & Performance, Data & Analytics and Operational Experts. Within these four career paths, you can grow continuously. What is your drive?

Business & IT

Do you want to improve and connect Business & IT? Then use your IC knowledge to improve our clients' business processes and information systems and take them to the next level. As a Business & IT Professional within ICE, you will have the opportunity to work on great cases. In doing so, you often fulfil a bridging function between the users, the management and the technical designers and managers of the information systems.

Within this career path, we regularly have challenging assignments as functional administrator, test manager, product owner, business consultant and many more. ICE also offers you the opportunity to be constantly moving and growing. Go for IT!

Operational expert

As an Operational Expert within ICE Utility Professionals, you are always aware of relevant developments within your field and keep your knowledge up-to-date. This allows you to develop into an authority within your field, solve complex issues and support your client.

Within this career path, we regularly have challenging assignments in allocation & reconciliation, pricing & sourcing and trade. ICE Utility Professionals offers you the opportunity to keep moving continuously and thus keep growing.

Data & Analytics

As a Data & Analytics Professional within ICE Utility Professionals, you specialise in data analysis; a process whereby data is inspected, cleaned and modelled in order to then extract the most valuable information from it. In this area, you will focus on aggregating, providing, managing and analysing data and advise on data issues.

Within the career path, we regularly have challenging assignments in the field of data cleansing, data engineering, data/business analysis for BI Professionals, Data Scientists and many more positions. ICE Utility Professionals also offers you the opportunity to keep moving continuously within this career path. This way, you keep growing!

Process & Performance

As a Process & Performance Professional, you specialise in process management. You are involved in (re)formulating and achieving business objectives in the given, sometimes strongly changing, context. Optimising business processes and proposing and implementing process improvement plans are your passion.

To keep challenging yourself, we regularly have challenging assignments within this career path, in the field of LEAN, process expert, process manager, change manager and much more. With Process & Performance, ICE Utility Professionals thus offers you the opportunity to keep moving and grow continuously.

"ICE Utility Professionals always works towards a long-term relationship, because that is the only way you build a valuable future together"

Practise what you preach. We work with you to create a more sustainable world, which of course starts with ourselves. So we drive electric cars, there are solar panels on our roof, we heat electrically and we support the CliniClowns, among others.

Process & Performance

In the midst of the energy transition, our clients are in a time of profound change. This transition not only includes technological shifts, but is often accompanied by changes in processes, systems, organisations and behaviour. The Process & Performance team, consisting of consultants with diverse backgrounds and expertise, uses a Lean/Agile approach to realise these changes. With our team of programme and project managers, Agile coaches, Process Improvers, Scrum Masters and change managers, we bring about the desired change. We take a positive-critical approach, putting the organisation's objectives first while keeping an eye on the people affected by the change. Our goal is to significantly improve the organisation, processes and teams from how we found them. This aim is at the heart of our commitment and is a proven formula for success.

Choose ICE Utility Professionals and achieve lasting improvements that make your organisation agile, resilient and future-proof.

Operational expert

Our Operational Experts have the ability to quickly master new knowledge. Whether you need novice talent or seasoned experts with extensive expertise in areas such as Sourcing & Forecasting, Allocation & Reconciliation, Metering Data and Billing, they are there for you. Their main task is to perform tasks such as processing backlogs and ensuring accurate data processing in various aspects of the energy industry. With the support of our Operational Experts, you can strengthen your business processes and ensure that your data is always processed accurately.

Choose ICE Utility Professionals and optimise your operational processes with our expert Operational Experts.

Data & Analytics

In the era of energy transition, the digital transition is also in full swing. Electrification of consumption and generation, regulatory changes and new technologies are leading to the availability of huge amounts of data in our industry. Therefore, now more than ever it is important to process and fully exploit this data efficiently, in a structured and correct way.

Our team of Data & Analytics consultants consists of both young professionals and experienced experts who have knowledge of these complex information flows and the latest analysis methods. We understand the origins of data and see opportunities to use it for existing and new applications. Whether it involves validation, modelling or visualisation: our consultants can transform your data into valuable insights. In doing so, we do not lose sight of you as a customer and we explain complicated matters in easy-to-understand terms, or are happy to go into more detail. That way, we create impact for you!

ICE-UP is ready to take on challenges in the energy industry by combining these areas of expertise. Together, we create a data landscape that enables your organisation to be successful.

Business & IT

As a crucial link between your business operations and IT infrastructure, we offer highly qualified consultants with deep expertise in the energy industry and business processes. We also have the crucial skill to clearly translate your organisation's needs to developers. We facilitate direct communication between involved departments, with stakeholder management an integral part of our approach. With a keen understanding of the dynamic energy industry and seamless cooperation between business and IT, we identify optimisation opportunities, implement efficient systems and drive innovation.

Choose ICE Utility Professionals and form a partnership that will make your organisation agile, resilient and future-proof.