Interim professional

More and more companies are adopting a project-based approach to operations. This ensures higher productivity and flexibility. It makes it easy to bring in interim professionals when you need extra hands or expertise.

An interim professional can provide work experience where your company is doing something for the first time. For example, when implementing a new tool or optimising certain processes. It is not always logical and obvious to hire a permanent person for this. With an interim professional, you opt for flexibility!

The benefits of an interim professional

An interim professional offers numerous benefits for your business:

  • Easy and quick scaling up and down;
  • Bring in expertise that does not (yet) exist within your company;
  • A fresh perspective on existing and new processes;
  • Tailor-made for your business.

Interim professional in the energy sector

The energy industry is in a state of flux. With new legislation, sustainability and the open market, major challenges exist. Finding the right knowledge to meet these challenges can sometimes be difficult. With an interim professional, you are flexible and can bring in and scale up the right knowledge, temporarily or for the longer term.

Why choose an interim professional from ICE UP?

Our interim professionals can help your company move forward. They have broad knowledge and can think along with you in all facets of business operations. That way, challenges turn into opportunities and you can really help your client move forward.

  • Our professionals are at your service;
  • We think along and work together;
  • Together, we look at the best solution for your business.

Do we talk to you soon?

Are you curious about how an interim professional can help your company move forward? Or are you curious about the possibilities? We will gladly get in touch with you. Together, we will look at the best solution for your company. Feel free to contact us, call 085 - 27 35 207 or email

Process & Performance

Process & Performance Professionals deal with (re)formulating and achieving business objectives in the given, sometimes strongly changing, context. Our process experts and managers use the latest methods and techniques: besides LEAN, process mining or gamification are applied, for example. Naturally, our Interim (Project) Managers steer towards achieving the previously set goal. Besides steering on hard targets, they also have an eye for people!

Operational expert

Operational Experts are able to quickly master knowledge. These professionals are at the beginning of their careers or are seasoned experts with a lot of substantive knowledge in their areas of expertise including Sourcing & Forecasting, Allocation & Reconciliation, Measurement Data and Billing.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Professionals at ICE Utility Professionals focus on aggregating, providing, managing and analysing data. Besides knowledge of how to analyse data and transform it into information, our consultants also have the necessary Business and Compliancy knowledge. This allows them to optimally support you in the transition to data-driven work and protect you from the legal frameworks of privacy.

Business & IT

Getting Business and IT to work together is a skill in itself. ICE Professionals have knowledge of both Business and IT and can therefore fulfil the bridging function between users, administrators, technical designers and management. As a result, your business processes and information systems are continuously improved and taken to the next level.