What is a utility?

A utility is a company operating in a sector that provides a public utility, such as a power company or drinking water supply. Sometimes mail, telegraphy, rail transport and public transport are also considered utilities.

What does a utility do?

Because different types of companies are counted as utilities, they do not all serve the same purpose. An energy supplier supplies electricity and gas to individuals and businesses. A drinking water company supplies water. Utilities often provide services that are in the public interest. Therefore, these companies often have to adhere to strict rules, given their monopoly position.

A utility from the government

In the past, utilities were often regulated from the government. This is mostly no longer the case. The energy market has been open for quite some time, allowing a customer to choose where to be a customer. This has advantages and disadvantages.

Customers can now easily switch and choose their own supplier and associated prices. But, this can actually also be a disadvantage. Companies now have to incur different costs than in a closed market, which can increase prices. On the other hand, the competition of an open market actually reduces prices.

However, the water supply market is closed. This means that a region has a fixed supply company. As a customer, it is not possible to choose your own supplier.

What challenges do utilities face?

Utilities face several challenges. Due to the open market, competition in the energy market is high and new suppliers are popping up like mushrooms. Digitalisation and sustainability also play a major role in utilities' operations.

ICE Utility Professionals helps your business move forward

Due to the challenges within utility companies, it can sometimes be difficult to find staff with sufficient knowledge and experience. That is exactly where ICE Utility Professionals can help you. Supporting, expert or management: with an ICE Professional, you get the best solution. Feel free to contact us, call 085 - 27 35 207 or email info@ice-up.eu.

Process & Performance

Process & Performance Professionals deal with (re)formulating and achieving business objectives in the given, sometimes strongly changing, context. Our process experts and managers use the latest methods and techniques: besides LEAN, process mining or gamification are applied, for example. Naturally, our Interim (Project) Managers steer towards achieving the previously set goal. Besides steering on hard targets, they also have an eye for people!

Operational expert

Operational Experts are able to quickly master knowledge. These professionals are at the beginning of their careers or are seasoned experts with a lot of substantive knowledge in their areas of expertise including Sourcing & Forecasting, Allocation & Reconciliation, Measurement Data and Billing.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Professionals at ICE Utility Professionals focus on aggregating, providing, managing and analysing data. Besides knowledge of how to analyse data and transform it into information, our consultants also have the necessary Business and Compliancy knowledge. This allows them to optimally support you in the transition to data-driven work and protect you from the legal frameworks of privacy.

Business & IT

Getting Business and IT to work together is a skill in itself. ICE Professionals have knowledge of both Business and IT and can therefore fulfil the bridging function between users, administrators, technical designers and management. As a result, your business processes and information systems are continuously improved and taken to the next level.